Mad Season

Directing, Editing

It’s not often you get to redo a high profile project so I was very excited when Sony asked me to re-edit this landmark concert that I directed in 1995. Sony’s Legacy Recordings released a new, deluxe, re-mastered version containing not just the original LP, but the entire audio set from Live at the Moore, and the first commercially available release of Live at the Moore on DVD and digital download on iTunes. The overall package was a treat for fans and set the band in a new light almost 20 years after their debut. Mad Season Live at the Moore has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Label: Sony / Legacy
Prod Co: Section 8 films LTD
Director: Duncan Sharp
Director of Photography: Shane Kelly
Editors: Duncan Sharp & Greg Pecknold
Assistant Editor: David Kim
Title Design: Noah Weiss
Stereo & Surround Mix: Brett Eliason
Color: Lightpress
Music: Mad Season

Layne Staley
Barrett Martin
Mike McCready
John Baker Saunders
Mark Lanegan