Green River SP 20


In the summer of 2008 every member of original band Green River joined together for the first time in two decades. Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone, Mark Arm and Steve Turner from Mudhoney. Mother Love Bone/Love Battery guitarist Bruce Fairweather. Drummer Alex Shumway.

Heard through a port-a-potty, moments after “This Town” ended on day 2 of Sub Pop Records’ 20th anniversary fest at Seattle’s Marymoor Park: “If they were that good back then, they never would have broken up.”

Director: Josh Taft
Producers: Cindy Gantz, Eddie Reyfeldt
Client: Green River | SUB POP
Camera: Josh Taft, Cindy Gantz, Tadd Sackville West, Kate Bayley, Donovan Greene, Duncan Sharp
Editors: Duncan Sharp, Josh Taft, Tadd Sackville West, Donovan Greene